Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses massage techniques specifically aimed to relax your muscles as the main purpose is to increase oxygen flow to the muscles and aid the body to remove the build up of toxins.

Our highly qualified massage therapists use soft relaxing background music to help draw the mind and body into a completely relaxed state.

Back, Neck and Shoulder | 30 mins | $86
Back, Neck and Legs | 45 mins | $96
Full Body | 60 mins | $107
Extended Full Body Deluxe | 90 mins | $161

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage consists of the therapist placing heated stones (usually basalt) of various shapes/sizes onto different points (chakras, energy points, sore muscles, etc) of the clients body. Whilst these placement stones are warming and activating specific areas, the therapist will take several other heated stones and begin massaging a different area of the body. The heat from the stones is released deep into the muscles, greatly enhancing the massage. It is said that one stroke with a heated stone is equivalent to ten normal massage strokes!

Full Body | 90 mins | $156
Full Body | 60 mins | $130
Express | 30 mins | $92

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can put a lot of stress on your back, shoulders, neck and abdominal muscles. Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve some of the aches and pains that are common during pregnancy. Your therapist will understand the areas to target and which to avoid.

With our specialist therapists and Pregnancy pillow allow yourself to relax on your stomach fully supported for your growing bump.

60 minutes | $125

Couples Massage

Relax, Reconnect and Rejuvenate with a blissful 60-minute massage for two. Lie side by side with your friend or loved one in a duo treatment room as experienced therapists perform soothing Body and Scalp Massages.

60 mins | $191

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